• How does bicycle maintenance work at a VanMoof, Cowboy or Veloretti location?

    It's good to hear that you got a bicycle from VanMoof, Cowboy or Veloretti!

    If your bicycle has mechanical or electrical issues, it is best to contact the support department of your bicycle's manufacturer. If they cannot help you or if you have any other issues with your bicycle, you can contact our Mobile Service Partner.


    Mobile Service Partner

    We have partnered with mobile service party FietsNED for all repairs and maintenance during the lease period. They will handle the repairs of your bicycle. If you want to schedule an appointment for repairs or maintenance, you can contact them via: 

    1. support@fietsned.nl
    2. 088 - 11 21 123

    Mobile Delivery Partner

    We have partnered with Westerman Logistics to deliver your bicycle to you.

    Email: info@directlease.nl
    Telephone: 0541 - 571 710

  • Who will handle maintenance of the lease bicycle?

    For service and repairs, you can contact or visit the dealer who delivered your bicycle. If you moved and now live too far away from the original dealer, you can look for another affiliated dealer near you. 

    Over the course of your lease agreement, you are obligated to bring your bicycle in for three maintenance inspections.

    The first maintenance inspection within 2 - 4 months.

    The second maintenance inspection within 12 - 14 months.

    The third maintenance inspection within 24 - 26 months.