• When does my lease agreement end?

    We use the contract duration to determine when your lease agreement ends. If you do not reach the maximum number of kilometres (annual mileage x duration in years), the original contract duration will remain in effect. If you do reach the maximum number of kilometres, we will reduce the contract duration. For diesel, gasoline, LPG, hybrid and electric engines, we employ a maximum of 180,000 km.

    Email: sales@directlease.nl
    Telephone: 0541 - 571 710

  • Can you give me a statement of my claim-free years?

    If your lease agreement is ending or you want to buy a motorcycle and/or car during the contract period, you can easily request a ‘lease statement’ from us. This statement contains your claim-free years, so your (new) insurance provider can use that information to determine your bonus/malus.

    Requesting a lease statement
    You can request a lease statement by sending an email to schade@directlease.nl 
    To ensure the process goes smoothly, please provide the following information:

    • The driver's first name and surname
    • The driver's home address
    • Licence plate number(s)

    Email: schade@directlease.nl
    Telephone: 0541 - 571 710

  • I have returned my lease vehicle What now?

    After you have said goodbye to your lease vehicle and returned it, it will be inspected by the people of autoinspectie.nl.  This is an independent organisation that specialises in the return and inspection of lease vehicles. A return report will be drawn up based on the results of the inspection. This report contains an overview of the damage that was found and any relevant comments.

    If damage is found during the inspection that was not previously reported, the costs may be charged to you. This also applies to any unreturned materials that were included in your lease agreement.

    Viewing the return report
    Are you curious to know the outcome of your vehicle's inspection? You can view the return report online via DirectLease.nl > For customers > Returning your lease vehicle. Simply enter the licence plate number and the reference code for the vehicle in question.

    Tip: The reference code is listed on your final invoice.

    Lease vehicle return protocol
    We understand that a lease vehicle may show some wear after you have driven it for a few years. At DirectLease, we therefore distinguish between user damage and damage. Are you curious to know what types of damage are classified as user damage? You can find this information in our Lease vehicle return protocol.

    Email: info@directlease.nl
    Telephone: 0541 - 571 710

  • How can I turn in my lease vehicle?

    If your lease agreement is ending or you have driven the maximum number of kilometres with your lease vehicle, it is time to return it.   All you have to do for this is deregister the vehicle online. We will then make arrangements to pick up the lease vehicle.

    What do I have to remember?

    • Fill out the complete deregistration form. Note: are you getting a new lease vehicle from DirectLease? Wait to fill out the deregistration form until you know when your new car will be ready for you. 
    • Otherwise, you must fill out the form at least five working days before the desired transport date.
    • Remember to gather all important documents and accessories, so you can return them when the lease vehicle is picked up. 

    Email: inleveren@directlease.nl
    Telephone: 0541 - 571 710

  • What do I have to remember when returning my lease vehicle?


    If the end of your lease agreement is approaching, you can easily schedule a return appointment online.   When you return your lease vehicle, it is important to include everything that originally came it. Think of e.g.:

    • The key and the spare key (and the remote, if applicable)
    • The registration certificate 
    • The Certificate of Conformity (only for new cars delivered after 1 September 2020)
    • The navigation software (all CDs) and the alarm certificate, if applicable
    • The maintenance and instruction manuals
    • All on-board equipment, e.g. a jack, spare wheel and tools
    • All accessories included in your lease agreement

    We also ask you to 

    • remove all personal belongings from the lease vehicle.
    • delete your navigation history.
    • delete your call history.
    • disconnect all connected equipment. 
    • cut up your fuel card or charging card. Note: if you are leasing a predelivery vehicle in the interim, you can continue to use your fuel card or charging card.  

    Email: info@directlease.nl
    Telephone: 0541 - 571 710