• Can I choose the dealer who delivers my car?

    Of course you can. While selecting your lease vehicle, you can indicate whether you want to choose a dealer or if you want DirectLease to do this.

    I want to choose a dealer
    Keep in mind that choosing a dealer yourself might lead to a slightly higher lease price. This is because we use central purchasing discounts that only apply to specific dealers. If you choose your own dealer, you may miss out on this discount. 

    I want DirectLease to choose a dealer
    If you let us choose a dealer, you can immediately benefit from our purchasing discount. 

    Did you receive a discount on the standard lease price, e.g. during a special promotion or a DirectDeal? In that case, DirectLease reserves the right to select a dealer, which means you cannot do so yourself. 

    Email: info@directlease.nl
    Telephone: 0541 - 571 710

  • What do you need for the financial acceptance / creditworthiness check?

    When you enter into a business lease agreement, a creditworthiness check is performed. For this check, we will request a report on your company from the COC. If necessary, we will also request a report from Graydon.  Once we have the business information (annual figures) we need, we can usually complete the acceptance process within one or two working days.

    If you have a one-man business, a partnership firm or some other business entity and you do not deposit your annual figures with the COC, we ask that you send them to us directly. 

    Email: sales@directlease.nl
    Telephone: 0541 - 571 710